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Training Needs Analysis

You might call this a Training Needs Analysis (TNA), but at Cubic we know it’s about so much more than classroom-style training. What you need is a Learning Needs Analysis.

Learning, not just training

Preparing your people to embrace your transformation is going to involve communications, engagement activities, self-paced learning, access to support information just when it’s needed, remote learning opportunities and yes, expert-led face-to-face training sessions.

People brainstorming

Once we’ve identified the learning framework and approach that’s going to work for you – the next step is to narrow down exactly who needs what information, and how to get it to them.

What makes us different is our analysis

We’ll carry out a Learning Needs Analysis, not just a Training Needs Analysis. We’ll look at the learning each person needs to acquire and build up a picture of the best ways to provide it.

Once our analysis is complete, we’ll give you a complete learning journey for each affected person – reflecting all the ways we’re going to help each one of your people be ready to embrace the future ways of working.

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