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Continuous Learning Support

Your transformation doesn’t end at go-live: return on investment and value realisation rely on reinforcement of the new reality.

Beyond go-live

Effecting a change is one process. Maintaining that change successfully is an entirely separate matter. If your transformation is going to contribute to your strategic business objectives in the way you plan, you need to address change reinforcement and continuous learning. Our approach to continuous learning will ensure you achieve self-sufficiency and future-proof your team.

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Great finishes require great starts

We’ll build provision for continuous learning from the earliest stages of your transformation project. We’ll help you identify and prepare your Super Users (and Change Agents), building their skills and confidence throughout the project. As go-live approaches, we’ll make sure you have the tools and templates you need to support that same Super User network as they move into their roles as internal experts across your organisation. We’ll help you build a knowledge management approach that keeps expertise inside the business and prepares you for future challenges.

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Successful change and learning don’t end with your go-live. Prepare for the long-term and drive ongoing business value.

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