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Stakeholder Engagement

Successful change relies on business ownership and involvement.

The heart of successful change

Business ownership of the change is critical to its long-term success. Communications are important, but involving your line managers, influencers, executive and sponsors in change activities will have real sustainable impact.

Effective engagement relies on investing the time to develop strong relationships, to build trust and a shared understanding of success. We can get business input, feedback and support for the transformation.

People shaking hands

Starting with executive leaders, we’ll coach and inform, ensuring this senior team are prepared to lead the organisation through change. We’ll provide regular support and messaging for your people leaders, empowering them and building confidence in their role to support their teams on the change journey.

Not just your managers

In addition to the formal hierarchies of managers, supervisors and leaders, we’ll seek out and work with the informal structures that every organisation depends on. By identifying, coaching and recruiting Change Agents and Power Users within your organisation, we will build a foundation for long-term change reinforcement. Informal networks let us talk directly to your people, making sure that we gain their support for the change and hold on to their commitment.

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