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Impact Assessment

Understanding who is affected by your changes, and how, allows every change interaction to be effective and meaningful.

No waste change

Getting the change right means engaging with the right people at the right time with the right messages in the right way. This starts with a real understanding of who is affected by the change and how. Change impact assessment activities help us develop a thorough understanding of your unique change combination, and how it will be experienced by your people. That will mean that every change activity we carry out will be timely, targeted and productive.

Focusing on a golden talent and a magnifying glass

It’s not about the system

Even for system-based transformations, like a new implementation, or upgrade, your people will be faced with changes to their ways of working and business rules, as well as to the tools that they use. Our impact assessment will dive into the detail of changes to your business, technology, organisational structure, processes, people and customer relationships to build a complete picture that will inform our engagement, communications and learning activities.

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