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Change Communications

Change communications are the glue to change management and enterprise learning activities.

Driving commitment and understanding

Change Communications step leaders, managers, teams and individuals through each phase of a transformation journey with the detail they need, when they need it. Change communications tell your people what’s happening, why it’s happening, what they need to do and where to find the information they need. Great change communications inform, excite, compel and reassure.

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Purposeful and engaging messages

At Cubic, we excel at designing compelling end-to-end communications strategies. Our messaging is always informed by our thorough analysis of your organisation and your change. We create intentional, informative and timely communications to ignite and harness employee excitement. We’ll use all your existing channels and create a few new ones to optimise every engagement opportunity.

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We’ll drive stakeholder buy-in and manage expectations to make sure your people are ready for the change.

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