We will help you define and deliver people-centric strategies that will work for you. Our advisory team helps organisations large and small, at any stage of the transformation, to achieve the business objectives.

Bringing industry knowledge, world-class expertise and a pragmatic methodology, we will take the time to understand your business and objectives as well as the challenges you face. We will help you recognise what good looks like and identify and meet your benchmarks, with a toolset that will work for you.

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Change Management

We partner with you to design and deliver a change solution which drives business leader and end user engagement, and supports users through their change journey, with a focus on sustained adoption.

Our change solutions are people-focused, targeted and practical, using either our own Momentum Methodology, closely aligned to Prosci’s ADKAR model, a client’s methodology or a combination of both. We deliver change solutions in both waterfall and agile environments with a wealth of experience in business applications (CRM, HR, ERP, O365 etc) from major vendors.

Our team are experts in leadership coaching, driving engagement and business readiness, managing resistance, and building resilience, preparing your business for change now and ongoing.

At key points in time, we will assess the effectiveness of change activities with our User Journey Dashboard and respond appropriately.

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Enterprise Learning

We approach all learning opportunities by using a combination of leading edge and proven modes of design, development and delivery. We look at the end-to-end process, ensuring all learning solutions are about ways of working and not just about the application being implemented.

Combining current technologies, adult learning principles and our learning methodology, Cornerstone™, we design, develop and deliver effective learning experiences for user adoption tailored specifically to cater for our client’s needs.

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