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A recipe for cultural change

Managing expectations is so important and cultural change requires real commitment to be successful.

Organisational culture may seem tricky to define for some people and therefore make the prospect of cultural change daunting and difficult to tackle. For me, it’s provided opportunities to do some of my most rewarding work and a challenge that I embrace with enthusiasm.

So how do you know where to begin?

In my experience, there’s a number of key ingredients and a proven method to follow that has produced positive results. Here’s my recipe for cultural change for you to try:

8 Key Ingredients

  • Committed leaders
    Senior people who champion your cause and are active advocates and enablers for change
  • Supportive employees
    Keen participants from across the organisation who represent all parts of your business
  • Shared vision
    A clear view of the future state you’re working towards
  • Strong improvement agenda aligned to organisational strategy
    A compelling why that links to organisational priorities
  • Sufficient time & resources
    Realistic expectations about the level of effort required
  • Clear outcomes
    An agreed definition of success
  • Sound data
    A vital foundation that provides a baseline to measure progress
  • Core values
    A compass to inform agreed ways of working

Step-by-step Method

Step 1: Start with Analysis - qualitative & quantitative data helps to drive change

Step 2: Plan your Approach - define priority areas of focus; identify advocates and scope resources

Step 3: Move into Development – generate and test ideas, source expertise and build content

Step 4: Progress to Delivery - maximise accessibility, ensure visibility and promote results

Step 5: Complete Evaluation – consider multiple measures including activityoutcomes and employee experience

Step 6: Embed Success – reinforce progress through everyday performance and reward mechanisms

Organisational culture starts with individual behaviours, which mirrors the change process. Organisations change one person at a time. It’s an investment of effort over months that yields results and benefits in years.


Rebecca Cattran is a change consultant and leadership coach who thrives on driving change in organisations. She has been fortunate to lead a number of significant enterprise-shaping initiatives, that share the common ingredients of engaging and empowering employees and enabling leaders.

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