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Understanding that employee experience can make or break a technology project, is at the core of what we do. We see the change journey as a series of moments in time and we create change management and enterprise learning solutions that inspire user adoption.

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  • We are passionate people and our brand values are not just words, they actually underpin everything we do. 
  • You can expect us to bring curiosity to get to the core of your needs. 
  • We'll spark creativity to create unique, flexible and impactful end-to-end solutions. 
  • Striving for excellent, quality outcomes means we bring value and lasting impacts for our clients.  
  • Being people-focused means empathy, integrity and respect are ingrained. 
  • We measure ourselves and our work as we go, seeking further self-development and achieving more. 

A bit more

Established in 2004 as Cubic Consulting, we're 100% Australian owned by the FTS Group. We provide our services nationally and internationally, with over 150 projects to date. We've recently worked on projects across the waters in Alaska, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.

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When not on site with clients, or working remotely, you'll find us in our corporate offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We're also ISO 9001:2015 certified - so you can expect a quality service.

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