Tool Trends


Tool Trends

29 October 2014

Working in the IT industry it is always exciting to be on projects where the latest tools are being used. In our consulting practice, Cubic currently has this opportunity at AusNet Services and Transport for NSW, both of which are using SAP’s new rapid development training tool – SAP Workforce Performance Builder.  And in our eLearning practice, we are seeing a surge in clients requiring a new Learning Management System (LMS) who are selecting Totara as their new LMS.  In this article we will share insights into our experiences with both tools.

SAP Workforce Performance Builder

SAP Workforce Performance Builder (WPB) is a performance development tool that has recently been acquired by SAP and is now their primary training and performance development tool. The feedback from our consultants using WPB has been positive.  Key benefits differentiating it from other tools on the market include:

  • The wide variety of learner outputs including; simulations, test scripts, cue cards, help materials, Power Point presentations and rapid e-Learning courseware
  • The ability to automate a large proportion of the content in simulations reducing development time for our consultants
  • Edits to documents are made in one source and all additional materials are automatically and simultaneously updated (single source editing)
  • Links to glossary items mean you don’t have to rewrite definitions
  • Ability to develop training content from any tool or system (not just SAP)
  • The end user experience is also more interesting with the ability to tailor the branding of all templates, a wide variety of inbuilt assessment templates to select from, advanced searching, a role based library structure that is easy to navigate, and reporting functionality.

Like all new tools there have been some teething problems with WPB. For us, these challenges have included learning a new system and understanding how content is structured in the central library, all of which our Technical Leads have been busily working to resolve.

As a licenced SAP WPB reseller Cubic are now looking forward to sharing what we have learnt with new clients. Being an authorised dealer and consulting organisation means we not only sell and install WPB for clients, but also assist in the process of personalising templates, creating library structures and training users on how to get started with WPB.  

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Totara is a Learning Management System (LMS) experiencing rapid growth in the corporate training market since its launch in 2011. Totara LMS was developed as an extension of Moodle, a popular open source LMS in the education market. Although Moodle provided an exceptional virtual learning environment with a wide range of tools for delivering training, it lacked many of the features needed for the corporate market. Totara provides a platform that meets corporate training management requirements combined with a level of eLearning delivery options often absent in corporate LMSs.

Totara enables L&D Managers to see training needs, schedule training (F2F, webinar or self-paced online courses) and track training compliance across the organisation. Being based on open source code, Totara is an excellent solution for organisations looking for an LMS that has a low unit cost per employee yet still provides all the key features required from a corporate LMS. It is suited to mid-size organisations with no existing LMS or larger organisations looking to reduce the high cost of older LMSs.

Cubic has assisted many clients in implementing and using Totara. As a licenced Totara reseller we have provided services to these clients including arranging and managing the Totara license subscription, project managing the configuration and technical implementation and testing.  Feedback has been consistently positive - our clients like the fact that Totara is an LMS with strong academic and organisational features, is easy to use and provided at a low cost.

One of the challenges with Totara LMS is that it doesn’t have direct support from Totara to report and fix bugs. Given this challenge and the limitations of most organisations to support LMSs internally, the majority of these clients select to outsource the hosting of Totara to Cubic. Our hosting services are provided by our partner Catalyst IT who are leaders in open source systems and are the co-developers of Totara positioning them well to provide expert hosting support.

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