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White Papers

Augmented Reality and eLearning

04 August 2014

Cubic Consulting dives into the world of Augmented Reality to understand both its history and potential in eLearning and training.

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Can change succeed without business ownership?

10 June 2014

Cubic Consulting had a discussion with highly experienced change manager, Paul Lee, around what he views as essential to the success of a change program.

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HTML5 and eLearning – a look at where we are now the dust has settled

28 April 2014

Cubic Consulting looks into the debate over HTML5 versus Flash and mobile versus desktop deployment and which direction the eLearning industry is moving in.

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What does resistant behaviour look like?

02 April 2014

Cubic Consulting recently sat down with highly experienced change manager, Paul Lee, about resistance.

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Cubic Consulting Develops eLearning Course for Aboriginal Awareness

24 August 2015

Cubic, in collaboration with the LocalGovernment NSW, develops an educational eLearning course on Aboriginal culture.

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